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CANNING RECIPE: Jim's Peach Pineapple Cherry Jam

Sent in by BigJim, Thanks

6-8 Elberta peaches (depends on size, not peeled, just washed)
1-20oz can crushed pineapple
15-maraschino cherries quartered
4-cups sugar
2-boxes MCP dry pectin
1/4-cup lemon juice

Put pineapple, lemon juice, pectin, and slice peaches so they will fit in a blender
Blend until peaches are cut into small pieces
Place this mixture into a large stockpot
Add cherries
Cook until there is a rolling boil
Add sugar, stir real good to dissolve the sugar, bring to a rolling boil, cook and stir constantly for 4 minutes
Pour into prepared pint jars, seal and place upside down for 10 minutes, and then turn right side up
By doing it this way you won't have to put them in a water bath
Trust me I know this method works, because this is the only way I seal my jars and I make hundreds of jars a year and I haven't lost one yet
I hope you enjoy this recipe, it's my own...


The following question was sent in about this recipe from Bev:
Jim's Peach Pineapple Cherry Jam calls for 2 boxes of MCP dry pectin. Can I use Sure Jell dry pectin in it's place ?? I don't have any idea what MCP dry pectin is.

Lesley's reply:
The MCP pectin in the recipe is only available on the west coast. I don't have access to this product either. This recipe was sent in by a viewer and it's a recipe I haven't tried. MCP is made by Kraft, the same maker as Sure-Jell. I contacted Kraft by phone on your behalf and asked your question to them. The person at Kraft was unfamiliar with the product as she lives on the east coast too. She ended up giving the standard answer that by changing pectin, they can't guarantee the jam will set. Kraft has their own recipes in the boxes of pectin and only recommend those recipes. She really wouldn't go any further. The MCP package is identical to the Sure-Jell except for the name. If it was me, I'd give it a try substituting the Sure-Jell for the MCP. It won't harm the jam by using the wrong pectin, it just may not set properly. If you do substitute, I'd be interested in your results so I can update the recipe to include either pectin

Follow up from Bev:
I substituted 2 packages of Sure-Jell for the MCP & the jam turned out OK. although it took about 24 hours for it to fully set. I used 3-1/2 cups of peaches (6 large) that I blanched & peeled., & I increased the maraschino cherry's to 25. I got 4 pints of jam & it's very tasty.
Thanks for your help. Bev

And thank you Bev for keeping us updated!