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Dave's Sliced Portuguese Peppers in Oil
Sent in by our friend Dave C.
Thanks for the jar Dave, they didn't last long!

Dave's Portuguese Peppers in Oil
Portuguese peppers
Pickling Salt
Garlic, crushed
Vegetable oil

Day 1
Halve, clean and slice peppers lengthwise
Chop or crush the garlic and mix with peppers in a clean bowl
Mix peppers and garlic with a generous amount of pickling salt; cover
Let stand 24 hours

Day 2
Strain peppers
Put peppers and garlic in a clean bowl and submerge in vinegar
Let stand 24 hours

Day 3
Strain peppers
Add vegetable oil to 1/4 fill sterilized canning jars
Spoon in peppers making sure peppers are saturated with oil
Remove all air bubbles
Top off jar with additional oil
Seal lids tightly

Dave says he's been making these peppers for 10 years now and just loves them.

With the salt taking the moisture out on the first day, the vinegar replacing the natural juices and bringing up the pH, these may very well be safe but this recipe hasn't been verified as being safe. We've made this recipe, but we keep it in the fridge for added safety. These are fantastic when added to a sandwich!

1-4 litre basket of peppers makes two 1-pint jars
1 bushel will yield 20-22 1-pint jars