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Donís Favourite Sweet Pepper Relish
Sent in by Don & Debbi, Thanks

I have made this recipe for several years now and no one can get enough.... no matter how much I make every year it's not enough! Last year I made 4 dozen jars and this coming year I'm planning on 6 dozen! My husband, Don, eats it straight from the jar with tortilla chips but I use it as a sauce over pork chops and chicken. My friend loves to mix it with cream cheese as a dip for parties! It's great!

24-sweet bell peppers, (green, red, yellow, black) 
2-tbsp salt
3cups vinegar 
7-medium onions
3-cups sugar 
2-tbsp mustard seed 

Grind peppers & onions, saving the juice. 
Combine with juice & other ingredients. 
Boil 30 minutes. 
Pack into sterilized jars & seal at once. 
Hot water bath for 10 minutes.