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Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly
Sent in by Brenda & Ronnie Lockler, thanks

24-oz fresh pineapple (cored & diced) (fresh, not canned)
4-oz apple cider vinegar
2-oz fresh habanero peppers (chopped) (stem/seeds removed) (4 or 5 average size)
(It is recommended to freeze the peppers prior to de-seeding them. This will make it less painful/toxic to the de-seeder!!!!)
2-cups sugar (or Splenda)
2-pkg (1.75oz each) fruit Pectin

Blend the pineapple and 2 oz apple cider vinegar and add to large pot
Put remaining 2 oz of vinegar in blender
Remove seeds of the habanero peppers (chef's note here: unless you enjoy crying, burning eyes, nose, throat, & burning fingernails, it is recommended to de-seed the peppers near an OPEN KITCHEN WINDOW with a fan blowing out, oven vent-hood on, while wearing a mask of some sort and rubber gloves!!!)
Place seedless peppers in blender
Blend to a puree consistency and add to the pineapple
Cook to a boil (low to medium heat) stirring frequently
Add sugar (or Splenda) and pectin to mixture
Continue to cook on LOW heat only stirring frequently until mixture thickens (30-45mins)
Bring to a rolling boil after mixture thickens
Pour hot mixture into the already prepared jelly jars w/lids & rings
Makes 6 to 8 half pint jars.

***great on baby-back ribs!!! Put glaze on 15-20 minutes before you remove from the pit!!!

You may want to make a double batch by doubling all ingredients except the pineapple. Instead add 24 oz of fresh mangos and/or papaya
When doubling whichever recipe you may need a 5th pkg of pectin
***Also, you can substitute ripe (fresh) peaches instead of the pineapple
Simply take out the pits & put peaches in hot water for a few minutes so you can take the skin off easier...also great on baby backs!!!