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Sweet Relish
20-medium onions or 3 lbs.
2-lbs. sweet peppers
6-large cucumbers or 4 lbs.
1-can of pimentos (drained)
-cups pickling salt
4-cups cold water
4-cups vinegar white
1-pkg celery
7-cups white sugar
1-tbsp mustard seed (optional)

Put cucumbers, onions & peppers through coarse food chopper
Dice pimento & celery
Put all in large bowl
Add pickling salt & water & let stand 4 hours
Drain thoroughly 
Make syrup with white sugar, vinegar, and mustard seed
Bring to a boil
Add drained vegetables
Simmer 10 minutes
Put in jars & seal.
** If it's a green relish you are looking for, omit the mustard seed as it will turn it yellow

Thanks Lois for sending us this recipe. It was taken from a church cookbook put out by the ladies in that area in rural Manitoba. The recipe was credited to Mrs. Earl W. Johnson from Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada.