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DESSERT RECIPE: Bread Pudding With Whisky (Or Rum) Sauce

6 eggs, lightly beaten
2-cups milk
2-cups light cream
1-cup granulated sugar
1-cup raisins
1-cup chopped toasted walnuts
1/2-cup butter, melted
1-tsp vanilla
1/2-tsp cinnamon
1/4-tsp nutmeg
8-cups cubed, day-old French bread
1-cup granulated sugar
1-cup whipping cream
2-tbsp unsalted butter
2-tbsp cold water
1 to 2-tsp cornstarch
3-tbsp whiskey or rum

In large bowl, combine eggs and rest of ingredients
Stir in bread and let stand for 20 minutes
Pour into greased 12-cup baking dish
Bake @ 350* for 1-1/4 hour until well browned & slightly puffy

In saucepan, combine sugar & cream
Bring to boil
Cook on medium-high for 1 minute
Stir in butter
Blend cornstarch & water
Stir into sauce and cook for 30 seconds
Remove from heat and stir in Whiskey (or rum)