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Gluten Free Tortillas
  Someone wrote in and asked to convert this to cups. I'm sorry I lost the email before I had a chance to reply, but I did remember to answer your question here. It's not a straight forward conversion as grams and ounces are weights and cups are volume measures. It depends on what you are measuring as to what the conversion is. The 25 grams of chickpea flour roughly converts to 1/4-cup and the corn flour is about 7/8-cup

25g/1oz-gram (chickpea) flour
100g/4oz-corn flour
2-tbsp tapioca flour
-tsp salt
360ml/12fl.oz. water
Oil for brushing the frying pan

Place the flours and salt in a mixing bowl and mix together thoroughly
Add the egg and beat until smooth then slowly beat in the water
Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes
Heat a medium sized frying pan until very hot then brush with oil
Making sure the pan is still very hot, pour in enough batter to just cover the bottom of the pan
Cook over a high heat until the bottom of the tortilla is golden brown and the edges begin to curl up
Flip the tortilla over cook the other side for 30 seconds only, until barely cooked
Transfer the tortilla on to greaseproof or parchment paper and repeat with the remaining batter, stacking each cooked tortilla between greaseproof paper
Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use