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Sarah's Light and Fluffy Gluten-Free Cornbread
Submitted by Sarah, Thanks

Sarah says "I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks and made it gluten free. This goes great with a vegetable soup or with green beans and feeds our rather large family =)"

1 1/4-cups brown rice flour
3/4-cups tapioca starch/flour
2-cups cornmeal
2-tsp xanthan gum
2 1/4-tsp salt
7 1/2-tsp gf baking powder
1/2-cup flax seed meal
spices if desired (Mrs. Dash, rosemary, basil, onion, parsley, oregano, thyme, sage, celery seed)

1-cup plain yogurt
1/4-cup mayonnaise
1 3/4-cup soymilk
1 1/4-cups water + 1/4-cup more
1/2-cup melted butter
1/2-cup oil
Few tbsp honey if desired for a slightly sweeter bread (omit any spices)

Mix together dry ingredients, reserving flax meal; set aside
Whisk together eggs, butter, oil, milk, yogurt, mayo, honey if using, and water except for the additional 1/4-cup
Combine this 1/4-cup water and the flax meal in a bowl, and microwave on high for half a minute or so until very thick and "egg-like"
Add this to the liquid ingredients and mix well
Add dry ingredients all at once to the liquid, and stir just until all traces of flour are gone (batter will be a little lumpy)
Pour into a parchment lined 9x13 pan,( I used a metal lasagna pan and it turned out nicely)and bake at 425*F for about 30 minutes or until a small,
sharp knife inserted in the center comes out clean and the bread is lightly golden