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MAIN DISH RECIPE: Apple Pie Pork Chops for Two
2-pork chops
2-cups apple juice
4-sprigs of fresh rosemary
1/8-tsp cornstarch
1/3-cup dried apple
Salt & pepper

Lightly sprinkle chops on both sides with cinnamon and rub it in
Place the chops in a sealable bag and pour in apple juice and rosemary
Marinate for 8 hours
Remove chops from bag and pour juice, minus the rosemary, into a wide saucepan
Add the dried apples
Simmer until apples have re-constituted
Remove apple slices and dice, reserve
Add the cornstarch to the juice and simmer until thick and reduced to about 3-tbsp
Baste the chops with the thickened apple juice
Salt & pepper to taste
Grill the chops until done
Return the diced apple to the juice and mix
Just before the chops are ready to come off the grill, spoon the apples on top of each chop
Grill another minute and serve