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Chicken Sausage
Sent in by Norbert, Thanks

4-lbs chicken thighs, boned, skinned & run through processor
1-tsp cumin
-tsp cayenne
2-tbsp minced parsley
2-tbsp minced chives
1-minced medium onion
4-eggs beaten
1-tsp salt
-cup peanut oil

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except the oil, blending thoroughly
Fry a small bit to taste the seasoning, adjust to taste
Roll the sausage mixture into sausage shapes, 1 inch wide by three inches long or desired size
Cook in oil over medium heat in a fry pan, turning the sausages as they cook till they become well browned
Drain on paper towel. 

Thanks for sending this in Norbert
I imagine this could be stuffed into sausage casings as well!