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Provencal Sausage

Sent in by Michael, Thanks

Having been impressed and inspired by your site I thought I should share my most popular recipe. This recipe is based on my memory of sausages I bought in London, from a fantastic shop “Simply Sausages”

3-lb Pork shoulder
˝-lb Bacon, chopped
2-tbsp Brown sugar
8-Cloves garlic
1-lb Pistachio nuts, shelled, soaked overnight in red wine
12-tbsp Red wine
4-tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley
4-tsp Ground White pepper

Rough grind (8mm cutter) the pork and bacon and mix all ingredients, (the pistachios go in whole)
Stuff into hog casings
If you are using a grinder to stuff, remove the cutter so the pistachios remain whole in the sausage.