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Deep Fried Calamari

2-lbs frozen cleaned squid
1/2-cup all-purpose flour
3-tbsp cornstarch
1/2-tsp cayenne pepper
Lemon wedges
Vegetable oil for frying

Thaw squid and drain well
Cut tubes into 1/2-inch rings
Combine flour cornstarch and cayenne in a re-sealable bag
Add squid rings and tentacles; shake to coat
In deep fryer or deep-bottomed pot, heat oil to 425F
Cook squid in batches, until golden (about 30 seconds)
Drain on paper towels
Sprinkle with salt to taste
Serve with lemon wedges

Great to serve with Tzatziki sauce
If the calamari turns out tough, it has been overcooked. Reduce your cooking time next time and you'll love these little rings