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Herbed Olive Oil

6-whole black peppercorns
3-cloves garlic, crushed
6-sprigs fresh rosemary
3-bay leaves
2-sprigs fresh thyme
2-sprigs fresh oregano
1-quart extra virgin olive oil

Wash all ingredients and thoroughly dry with a paper towel
Lightly bruise the leaves to release flavours 
Place all the ingredients into a sterilized 1-quart bottle with the olive oil being last
Make sure all the ingredients are covered with oil
Seal and store in the refrigerator for 10 days to infuse the flavour
Taste after 10 days to ensure enough flavours have been infused to oil
If more flavour is desired, keep tasting every 2 days until desired flavour has been reached
Strain through a funnel lined with cheesecloth into a 1-quart bottle
Not straining will allow the oil to get stronger in flavour
Keep a small portion on your counter and store the rest in the refrigerator

*Olive oil coagulates when put into the fridge
*If you don’t want to use olive oil, try a light oil like sunflower oil or safflower oil. It will accentuate the herb flavour because they are a much lighter tasting oil
*If you don’t strain the oil, the garlic should be removed if not refrigerated to prevent botulism