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1/2-cup soy sauce
1-tsp liquid smoke
1-tsp onion juice (best made in a juicer - about 1/2 medium onion, juiced)
1-tsp garlic, chopped
1-tsp salt
1-lb lean beef, trimmed and cut into 1/4" thick strips by 1'' wide

In a re-sealable plastic bag, combine all ingredients
Let marinade at least 3 hours in fridge, gently tossing bag to distribute marinade every hour
Drain and dry in de-hydrator
If you don't have a de-hydrator, set oven to 145*-180*
Line the floor of the oven with aluminum foil or cookie sheet to catch drippings
Place the beef strips cross-wise over the racks
Allow anywhere from 6-24 hours to dry
For long-term storage (it doesn't last long at our house) keep jerky in airtight plastic bag in fridge or freezer
Jerky can be kept, well sealed, at room temperature for about 1 month

-Remember fat does not dry and can later turn rancid if not removed
-The longer you marinate, the stronger the flavour
-If you are unsure if the jerky is sufficiently dried, place the jerky in a preheated 200*oven for 30 minutes


A note from a happy viewer, thanks...

Hi Lesley; Just wanted to let you know that marinate to make beef jerky was just great. I even gave the recipe to the young meat cutter who cut the meat for me. Thanks very much.

Serge. Also of all the recipe sources I have access to ==yours is #1