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RECIPE: Southern Bean Soup

Sent in by Doc Meeks, thanks
This is a great recipe for those "soup days". Thick and rich and yummy!!

1-cup dried beans ( I use navy beans)
6-cups of water with a ham bone in it
1-cup of fresh celery leaves( I use the trimmings for this)
1/2-onion, diced ( or more if you like onion)
3-tbsps flour
Pepper to taste
3-tbsps bacon or ham fat
salt, as desired

Wash beans and add cold water to cover the beans well, put on a lid and let set overnight (at least 8 hours)
Then drain beans and discard the water
Add the water and ham bone, also add the celery and onions
Let the beans cook (boiling gently) until very tender
Press beans through a strainer
Add enough water to the strained beans to make 5 cups
Put the flour, pepper and fat in a sauce pan
Make a roux using the strained bean mixture instead of milk, when thick, add to soup and stir in salt to taste and serve hot!! 

Serves 6.
Works well with great northern beans or any white bean