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VEGETABLE RECIPE: Carrots And Onions With Marsala & Raisins

4-tbsp. butter
1-lb. Pearl onions
1-lb. carrots
1/4-cup raisins (soaked in water for 20 minutes)
1-cup Marsala wine
(we use Sperone Cremovo, Marsala Fine; see notes at bottom)
2-tbsp. parsley
Salt to taste
Carrots and onions with Marsala and raisins

Blanche the onions 40 seconds, then plunge into cold water
Cut off the root end of the onion and squeeze out onion, set aside
Sauté carrots in butter
Add onions & raisins, then wine
Heat through

Sperone Cremovo is more than just Marsala wine, it is a Marsala wine beverage. Its ingredients include Marsala wine, sugar, alcohol, frozen egg yolks, natural and artificial flavours.