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Smoked Barbequed Corn

Smoked corn as well as balsamic vinegar marinated onions, salmon and steaks

Grilled corn on the cob

4-corn on the cobs
1-tbsp garlic powder
1-tbsp cayenne pepper
2-tsp salt
2-tsp pepper
Olive oil

Combine seasonings in a small bowl, mixing well
Peel 1-husk off of each corn to be used for tying
Peel back husks from the corn being careful not to tear the husks off
Remove silk
Return husks to natural position
Soak corn and tying husk in water 1-2 hours before use
Remove corn from water and pat dry with paper towel
Peel back husk and drizzle olive oil over exposed corn
Sprinkle seasoning mix over corn
Return husks to natural position and tie with extra husk
Place in 220*F smoker and smoke for 1 -hrs
Can be grilled for about 20 minutes, turning, instead of smoked